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Mission Samoa​

Our Mission:

Providing sustainable services and programs for the community, helping families and individuals in need for a brighter tomorrow.

A message from our Chief Executive Officer:

It was God's calling that brought me to Fairfield, California 30 years ago.  With that calling, we started Samoan Christian Fellowship and later Mission Samoa with the unique mission of the organization to utilize whatever resources to help those in need.  

Mission Samoa was founded with the goal of helping underprivileged populations fight issues that are critical to the growth of cities such as, homelessness and poverty.   These issues are on the rise and many are without a place to seek shelter or receive food.  Our mission is simple, to equip people with the right tools to help rebuild their lives.  Our vision is to continue to help them so they may sustain their new foundations and be self sufficient .  Most importantly, Mission Samoa provides a safe haven for anyone who needs help.

As CEO of Mission Samoa, I am excited to serve and connect with people. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Community Leaders, donors and residents on implementing new strategies that will enhance our programs and the quality of life for the people we serve.  We strive to unify neighbors for a purpose and make a difference in our county, ourcity, our home.  

Let's work together for a brighter tomorrow,

starting today.  


Pastor Alexander Ledoux